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A Fun Children's Book About Vaccines
by a Bay Area Pharmacist/ Professor

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My Story

Dr. Mohamed Jalloh (@DrMohamedRx) is a children’s book author with a passion for teaching young kids how medicines work. He has a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) and has spent many years in the medical field treating patients in a family medicine clinic, giving vaccines at pharmacies, and teaching students.

He hopes to inspire minority children to pursue an education in healthcare.

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“From kings and castles to white knights (the white blood cell kind, that is) and monster bots, Andre’s Armor author Dr. Mo, along with the story’s engaging Dr. Okafor, are sure to capture readers’ interest and imagination. Like “King” Andre and his mother, readers young and old alike are sure to find themselves reassured about vaccines and how they work, and better equipped with the knowledge (and vaccines) they need to protect themselves against any “germ monsters” that dare come their way!

Laura A. Jana, MD,

Pediatrician and Author of  The Toddler Brain

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